Hair and makeup artist: Rita Ferro
Model (or… cyborg): Madison Hilderman
Fashion Designer: Alex S. Yu
Photography/CG: yours truly

Electra's advances were staggering, more and more forming structures in her system that matched closer with human DNA. Despite being under surveillance, no data showed how she is transforming. Hermes council then came upon the decision to terminate her program, worrying that further progress in it could jeopardize their position in power. Termination instructions got sent to K10, a cyborg in charge of the facility maintaining Electra.
As the council awaits the program termination, no news come from K10 for hours. They send a delegation to investigate the matter. Once the they get into the facility, neither K10 nor Electra are to be found anywhere on site. The team fearfully searching the area, they spot them both in front of an unknown open portal. Before Electra and K10 step into the portal to vanish, K10 leaves a metal pin on the ground. The delegation goes pick up the pin and on it, it was written “Elligra"!